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Clinically-proven effectiveness
Provides gentle protection of teeth against cavities-causing bacteria
Protects against aggressive environmental factors
Accelerates the renewal of epidermal cells, setting off metabolic processes after the first application
Instantly removes dryness and the appearance of age-related changes
Swiss quality
On the shore of Lake Geneva, in the protected lands of Gruyère Pays-d’Ainault, the music of beauty and youth is born and embodied in the luxurious vibe of Là’ P, Là’ S hyaluronic serum and the Là’ J multi-mineral cocktain. Project V’s cosmeceuticals are created with pure alpine glacier water and natural ingredients using unique, patented formulas.
Glacial water
The millennia-old crystals of the high-mountain Alpine ice hold ancient legends and secrets of the magical elixir of the radiance of Celtic beauties. We have revealed the secret of Swiss glacial water: it is rich in minerals and oligo-elements that naturally soften and protect the skin, fill it with energy and freshness, and provide deep and long-lasting hydration.
Cycle of rebirth
The program is designed for 30 days - that is how long the full cycle of skin cell recovery lasts.
Step 1
Là’ P revitalizing ampoules with instant-action fluid based on the glacial water of the Swiss Alps, enriched with allantoin and vitamins, give skin radiance and tenderness.
Step 2
Ultra-moisturizing Là’ S hyaluronic serum contains a concentrated active complex of high- and low-molecular weight hyaluronic acids to transform the skin at the cellular level.
Step 3
Là’ J J Rejuvenating Revitalizing Cream with plant stem cells restores the skin’s healthy radiance, evens out its texture, and soothes and deeply moisturizes it.
An optimal solution to support the skin's youth and beauty.
An effective program for caring taking care for skin from the inside and outside.
True beauty comes from within - we need to take daily care of our nutrition, our sleep schedule and stress level. Yet many modern women cannot do so because of the extreme rhythm of life. We know a secret: support your beauty with vitamin complexes.

The unsurpassed combination of Classic Hit and Beauty Hit products will result in the maximum transformative effect. For optimal results, combine your daily 3-step skincare routine with your most suitable vitamin and mineral complex in the morning and evening. Fresh, elastic, radiant skin and feeling great — a double result for your beauty.