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Bamboo extract

No plant has as many uses as bamboo. Scientists are compiling catalogs of thousands of titles that list ways to use this graceful herb, which grows naturally everywhere except for Europe and Antarctica, but it thrives best in Asia
The perennial evergreen plant whose relatives are wheat, rye, corn and other representatives of cereals. Bamboo is considered to be the fastest growing plant on the planet
Saving lives
For 2000 years, bamboo has been widely used as a material for building bridges, dwellings, swimming facilities, household utensils and musical instruments. Using bamboo, the Chinese made needles that were tenths of a millimeter thick for their medical operations. They also used it for plumbing until the 3rd century BC. With the help of such pipelines, they transported salt water from salt springs to Tsu Liu Ching (Suchian Province).
In just a few months, it can grow up to 30 m, while many trees will require several years to grow the same height. Bamboo is known not only for its growth rate but also for its ability to break through even such durable surfaces as a thick layer of asphalt or concrete.
The basis of everyday life
Due to the fact that, after being cut, bamboo immediately sprouts new shoots and quickly recovers, its industrial use has become much more cost-effective than the use of other types of flora. Houses can be built using rigid, light and very durable bamboo wood. At one time, the entire capital of Thailand rested on bamboo rafts. Bamboo was used to build bridges and water pipelines.

Bamboo is traditionally used to make furniture and household items. Hats, wicker baskets and curtains, chopsticks and much more are made from it. Bamboo chips with a wedge-shaped section have a very hard and sharp outer edge, which allows it to be used as a knife.
Asia's favorite
Under natural conditions, the plant is found in Indochina and the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. Bamboo came to Europe in the 18th century as a greenhouse plant. At present, it is not only used for decorative purposes, but is also used in pharmacology and cosmetology.

An extra important 10%. With all the variety of properties attributed to bamboo, its chemical composition resembles a cucumber, that is, it consists of more than 90% water and only about 10% is made up of useful substances: minerals, protein, polysaccharides and fiber
Бамбук имеет богатый витаминный состав. Его побеги содержат витамины А, В6, Е, тиамин, ниацин, рибофлавин, фолиевую и пантотеновую кислоты. Также они богаты минералами, среди которых кальций, фосфор, магний, калий, марганец, натрий, цинк, медь, селен и железо.

Экстракт бамбука входит в состав лекарственных средств против варикоза и пастозности тканей, синяков, сосудистых сеточек, целлюлита. Экстракт из листьев растения укрепляет сосудистые стенки, из сердцевины стеблей (табошир) — повышает эластичность кожи, порошок из бамбука — очищает поры и поверхность дермы.
Bamboo promotes gradual weight loss. Because of its balanced nutritional supply, it is considered an ideal food for those who want to lose weight without constantly experiencing the feeling of hunger. Dietary fiber, which is present in large quantities in bamboo, is necessary for digestion and the improvement of intestinal motility. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in bamboo shoots help to strengthen the immune system. Due to its low fat content and low calorie content, bamboo also has a beneficial effect on intestinal function.
Once in a lifetime
Bamboo has one particularity: at the age of 33-66 years, plants of the same group, descended from a common parent, begin to bloom only once in their lifetime, after which they all die at the same time. Giant plants get covered with large flowers, which take all the sugar reserves in the stem, and after fruiting, the bamboo dies. It is also surprising that bamboos of the same species bloom at the same time, regardless of the growing area. So, bamboo in Jamaica blooms at the same time as bamboo grown in England.