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An antioxidant
from the jungle

Uncaria is a plant rare in the uniqueness of its healing properties and prevalence in nature.The Indians of the Amazon and Peru gave the plant the name cat's claw.
Discovery of the 20th century

Uncaria is a kind of tree-like liana that grows to a truly fabulous size - 40 meters. Its second name - cat's claw - was received for its incredible vitality, clinging to all the surrounding trees with thorns that resemble cat claws.

Because of its tiny distribution area, the plant was known only to local residents for a long time. The Amazonian Indians have always treated the plant with respect: they brewed tea from uncaria, and used it to cleanse the body and prevent diseases.

No one knew about the powerful immune-boosting properties cat's claw until the Austrian ethnologist and journalist Klaus Kiplenger published the first work on the plant’s properties in the 1970s. Later, working independently from each other, researchers from Spain, France, Japan, Germany and Peru confirmed Kiplenger's data regarding the healing effects of the vine’s active substances. The use and consumption of the plant extract became available only ten years later, when all the beneficial properties were carefully studied by scientists.

Active componenets

Cat's claw extract is valued in medicine due to its rich chemical composition. Its active components protect our body from a host of various diseases and problems: mitrafillin destroys cancer cells; rhinchophyllino has an anticonvulsant effect, and isopteropodin has an antibacterial effect; uncarin exhibits antitumor activity; hirsutin lowers vascular tone; uncaric acid is active against Koch's disease; chitinic acid reduces the heart rate; quinic acid is an antioxidant; proanthocyanidins suppress inflammatory processes, have antioxidant and anticancer effects; isorhynchophylline reduces the risk of blood clots.

In other words, phagocytosis is improved under the influence of the active substances of cat's claw. Phagocytosis is the process during which the cells of the immune system absorb bacteria, toxins and other foreign harmful substances. There are many polysaccharides in the cell walls of the plant, which enhance the activity of the immune system and increase its protective potential.

Protecting the immune system

- this is the poetic form that the French of the XVIII century used to describe the impact of vine juice on the skin’s condition. Science today knows that the grapevine juice molecule, viniferine, helps to effectively fight pigment spots and gives natural radiance to the skin of the face.
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