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Seeds of energy

The Portuguese word guaraná comes from warana, which in the language of the Amazonian Maue Indians means fruit like the eyes of people. Today, it is well known to everyone who has tried energy tonics at least once in their life.
The secret of the maue tribe

The first description of this wild plant was recorded in the 16th century by the Spanish chroniclers Oviedo, Hernandez, Cobo and others.

When the discoverers landed on the shores of South America, they were amazed at the endurance of the Indians. They soon discovered that the source of this energy lies in the seeds of the guarana plant. It turned out that they contain more caffeine than in any of the currently known plants.

For centuries, guarana berries have been powdered and smoked throughout a long process. Guarana drinks were passed to each other in a container during official events and meetings, giving this ritual a special meaning. The Maue tribe used guarana seed powder as a tonic drink, and also made cakes from it, which provided a supply of energy for a long time.

A natural energy drink

The wild guarana liana grows in the Amazonian part of Brazil and Paraguay, in Peru, Venezuela and Colombia. A small fruit the size of a grape is very similar to the human eye. The guarana fruit is usually yellow with a bright red apex and contains one or two smooth oval seeds about the size of a grape. It is the seeds which are the main product that Brazilians use to prepare drinks and the extract. Later, this caffeinated powder is mixed with water, sometimes adding cocoa.

The most important component of guarana seeds is guaranine. It accelerates lipid hydrolysis and metabolic processes. This effect is explained by the action of guarana caffeine, which promotes the release of adrenaline. In turn, this hormone gives a signal for the breakdown of fats. Adrenaline, as a stress hormone, activates most of the processes in the body, including all of the metabolic ones. Guarana also reduces appetite. This property is associated with its high concentration of caffeine and tannins, which slightly dull the feeling of hunger.

What lurks behind the eyes?

The plant contains catechins and epicatechins. These complex organic compounds belong to the group of polyphenols and flavonoids. Guarana catechins act as antioxidants: they protect cells from free radicals, which means destructive processes in the body. Flavonoids help to increase immunity, and improve metabolic processes in cells. Caffeine, theobromine and theophylline act on areas of the brain responsible for performance. Guarana contains polyphenols that promote cell regeneration and active nutrition.

In addition to the main active substances, guarana contains vitamin E, A, B1, PP, which makes it an excellent multivitamin product, a worthy replacement for coffee and a source of energy for people living in a high-paced life.

The process of the body assimilating the substances contained in guarana is gradual, which makes it possible to not feel tired for a long time. Guarana extract is well absorbed, without irritating the intestines, stimulates metabolism and, consequently, muscle activity.

When using products that contain guarana extract, it is important to remember that the effect of the superfood lasts up to 8 hours!
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