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A prickly adaptogen

Eleutherococcus is a plant that has been successfully used in medicine for many years: it increases the body's resistance to diseases and infections.
Bear habit

Eleutherococcus grows in East Asia, the Philippines, Japan, and is also found in Western and Central China, as well as in the southeastern part of Siberia. In the 1960s, thorny eletherococcus began to be actively used in treatments. One of the researchers who worked at the taiga station of the Academy of Sciences noticed how large forest animals ate eleutherococcus greens. Moreover, they were not scared away by the intimidating appearance of the plant, which is completely covered with imposing thorns.

The taste of the leaves also did not seem to be very tasty to the scientist; they were rather bitter and a little sharp. Besides, the greens of the plant weren’t pleasantly soft either. Such culinary habits of bears and forest ungulates got the scientist interested. He assumed that this choice was dictated by some special medicinal qualities of the plant.

The plant is considered to be an adaptogen, a substance that can increase the protective functions of the body. Very often, Western doctors prescribe Eleutherococcus to patients to boost immunity and for recovery from an illness or surgery. Eleutherococcus tincture is also very popular among biohackers and athletes.

Composition and properties

Its rhizome and wood contain glycosides (eleutherosides A, B, C, D, E). These components help to quickly assimilate carbohydrates, regulate the breakdown of fats, and help improve cellular respiration. The root contains gums, essential oil, while the leaves contain eleutherosides J, K, L and M. The plant is rich in alkaloid aralin, flavonoids, coumarins.

The beneficial properties of Eleutherococcus are that it increases the efficiency and endurance of the body, relieves mental and physical fatigue, improves vision, metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, as well as the risk of oncological problems, accelerates recovery processes, stimulates the nervous system. It helps to improve reflex activity, regulate carbohydrate metabolism, normalize the production of sex hormones, and reduce fatigue.
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