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Garcinia cambogia

Malabar tamarind, red mango, Indian date - the tree has many beautiful names
In science, the tree is known as Garcinia Cambogia, and extracts based on its fruits are very popular among dieters and those fighting extra weight.
A pumpkin from the tropics
The plant is widespread not only in Cambodia, where it got its second part of the name from but also in India, Polynesia, South Africa and Australia. It feels comfortable in tropical rainforests and can be found in Central and West Africa, but most often in Southeast Asia, in India, especially in the states of Karnataka and Kerala, located on the long and narrow Malabar coast.

Garcinia fruits are green, yellow or red, their sizes fluctuate between a tomato and a grapefruit, and they look like a pumpkin on the outside.
Gut Care
For many centuries, the inhabitants of tropical Asia have used the fruits of garcinia, to make a concentrated extract called kokum. The benefit of this product lies in the fact that it greatly facilitates the digestion process.
Such action is caused by the fact that the peel of the berries of the tree includes up to 60% hydroxycitric acid. This component is the basis of complexes of sports supplements and sports nutrition kits. Due to its natural properties, hydroxycitric acid is able to inhibit the conversion of nutrients into fatty acids.

In other words, the systematic use of Garcinia Cambogia contributes to weight loss. In addition, Garcinia Cambogia extract cleanses the body of waste and toxins.
Have a good mood
Garcinia cambogia acts as an appetite regulator, as it has the ability to act directly on receptors in the brain. Thanks to the action of hydroxycitric acid, the desire to eat flour and sugary foods disappears.