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Cherry stems

Sour cherry is one of the oldest berries grown in the world - it has been known since about 300 BC. Quite possibly, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans loved sour cherries not just for their beautiful flowers and delicious fruits, but also for the healing effect they had on health.
The territory of ancient Persia (present-day Iran) is traditionally considered the homeland of sour cherries, however, some historical evidence indicates that cherries also grew in the Caucasus region.
A berry for the heart
Sour cherry has a wide range of effects on the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, which is why it is often called the heart berry. Not only do the berries have useful properties, but so do the branches, leaves and stems.
Cherry stems are an excellent tool for quick weight loss, which accelerates the metabolism in the body and contributes to the rapid combustion of fats. Due to their diuretic and draining action, they help to remove excess fluid from the body.
Red antioxidant
The coumarins that are part of the cherry makeup are of particular value. These are substances that have antispasmodic and antitumor effects, and anthocyanins, to which the cherry owes its bright color. Scientists have proven that anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and prevent cell damage.
Detox, tested through centuries
Cherry stems enhance the circulation of intercellular fluid, stimulate the elimination of toxins and excess fluid from the body, provide detoxification of the body's internal environment and tissue drainage.

Healers have long known that tea from cherry stems is one of the best diuretics. It gently, almost painlessly grinds and removes stones, salts, sand from the kidneys and bladder.